This webinar was recorded live on June 29, 2020. The Fit Factor was developed as the result of discussions within the PPS, Marketing and PR Committee. A task force based in Rhode Island researched and developed this interactive, on-line tool designed to:

  • Provide a tool physical therapists can use to educate & increase awareness of what private practice physical therapists do.
  • Increase engagement with the public with an interactive and fun way for people to benchmark their score as well as provide valuable educational material.
  • Provide an online marketing tool that drives potential patients to the ‘Find a PT’ website or to the users’ clinic website.

This course intends to provide actionable ways therapists and other clinic owners and staff can leverage The Fit Factor as a lead generation tool to engage with and convert new patients. The course will offer a general overview into the development and purpose of The Fit Factor before diving into ways the platform can be used for lead generation and nurturing. This includes strategies and tactics that can be used in face-to-face interactions out in the community, as well as strategies and tactics that can be used in digital platforms and communications, such as on websites, in email communications and on social media. Attendees will be presented with strategies on how to access and use survey user data in targeted follow-up communications. Next, ideas for leveraging The Fit Factor in the clinic will be presented. Finally, there will be an opportunity for question and answer with webinar attendees.



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Upon completion of the course, participant should be able to: 1. Explain to their community (colleagues, referral sources, patients) what The Fit Factor is and the purpose and value of The Fit Factor. 2. Explain lead generation and lead nurturing, and how The Fit Factor can be used to accomplish it. 3. Incorporate the use of The Fit Factor into community development activities and events. 4. Incorporate the use of The Fit Factor into digital platforms and communications, specifically as an inbound traffic tool. 5. Access, understand and use The Fit Factor survey user data in targeted follow-up communications. 6. Incorporate the use of The Fit Factor inside the clinic, specifically in the welcome area/waiting room as a patient engagement tool and new patient cultivation tool.

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